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  • Connected SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Webparts Part 2

    The Other Webpart and the Communication Between the TwoSo far, we have created a dropdown component that can be used as a child to some other component that can pass in a reference to a method the child can call on selection to perform whatever task for which the parent is being built, and put it all into a component. To arrive at our destination of having that webpart communicate the selected GitHub Id to another webpart that will display the repos for that Id, we only have to build out that other webpart, then add the communication into both of them.The Repos Lister WebpartTo get started, from the tsx component generated when creating the project, I renamed the IGitReposProps to … more

  • Connected SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Webparts Part 1

    One of the key use cases for traditional SharePoint webparts is to have a webpart that allows users to enter some sort of input, causing another webpart to respond in some way. Out of the box SPFx webparts do not allow for this, however there are ways to achieve connected SharePoint Framework (SPFx) webparts. The absolute basics for just the communication piece of this puzzle are included in a reference webpart project on the team’s GitHub site here. There are in fact two samples that use events to communicate between webparts, the react-events-aggregator and the react-rxjs-event-emitter, the main difference being that the former uses out of the box tools to accomplish the event publication … more

  • Changes to SPFx Generator from Versions 1.1.1 to 1.1.3

    I’ve gotten a little behind on my blogging over the month of August, but hope to stay active and consistent during September, time permitting. Before getting into what the changes from versions 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 of the yo generator for SPFx projects gave us, it is good to review what 1.1.1 gave us. For this I refer mostly to Andrew Connell’s post of June 21st. There were 3 key points to that release that I think are pertinent to this discussion. First is that it was there that we got the first developer release of the Extensions. If you have not looked at these and what they can do I will explain more later in this post as well as in subsequent posts. The next point is that there is a new flag … more

  • Updates on SharePoint Framework

    The SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) group continues to announce developments in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) space. From the latest SIG meeting broadcast on YouTube there are a couple of high points to note, along with the evolution of the initiative. First is that it will be available for OnPrem farms with the release of Feature Pack 2 of SP 2016. This is expected in the second half of this year but as far as I have heard there is no firm date, other than teasers, beyond that. Still, with it being in GA status for O365, this is exciting. In order to accommodate the OnPrem scenario, the first choice of the yo project generator will be to prompt whether the project is targeting an … more

  • Presentation to Triangle SPUG

    Thanks again to George and Mike for the opportunity to present at the Tri-SPUG meetup last Thursday, the 15th. Again all apologies to the attendees that the projector was not working and hopefully there was still some benefit garnered from being there. As promised I am providing the slides here. If you want to see the code you can clone from the github site here: Assuming you have git installed, if you type git clone it will install in a subfolder named TriSPUGSPFx, or git clone your-sub-folder, and it will install in that subfolder. One thing I … more

  • Upcoming Presentation to the Triangle SharePoint User Group (TriSPUG)

    Thursday I will be presenting to the Triangle SPUG on the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx). I am very excited but nervous as it has been a few years since I have done a presentation like this; not since the 2012 Atlanta SharePoint Saturday event. That did not go well.. First off my slides were a little chaotic, and the preparation was not what I would have hoped. This time I have spent the time to put as little into the slides as will make the point, and little or no more. (It’s like Mark Twain’s comment to an interlocutor apologizing for so long a letter, that he had not the time to write a shorter one. ;->) I am also rehearsing the talk itself, despite sounding like a crazy person … more